News & Events

  • Our Fifth School

    We will begin construction on our fifth school in Berivotra starting in May 2011. This school will be built in collaboration with Build African Schools

  • Dino Merchandise

    You can now buy cool merchandise featuring the dinosaurs and other creatures discovered in Madagascar! Proceeds from each purchase go to support The Madagascar Ankizy Fund

  • Next Stop for the Dinosaur Train: Stony Brook

    On January 23, 2011 we will host Dr. Scott Sampson, and feature Dinosaur Train, the hit PBS kids TV series from The Jim Henson Company. Proceeds from this event will go to The Madgascar Ankizy Fund. You can purchase your tickets online.

  • Social networking

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Watch our Founder, Dr. David Krause, as he talks about the history as well as the current work of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund.

Help support our work in Madagascar

Donate online by filling out this form on the secure Stony Brook Foundation donation site.

Alternatively, you may send a donation directly to: The Madagascar Ankizy Fund/284300, c/o Department of Anatomical Sciences, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, New York 11794-8081, U.S.A.

From the Field

An Adventure in Dentistry
By Mitchell Steinberg
I am in a third world country, Madagascar. It’s the fourth largest island in the world, resting off the eastern coast of mainland Africa. They say the island bleeds because its red soil erodes into the Mozambique Channel at rates fast enough to be visible from space. The severe deforestation over the last 50 years or so has left what was once a tropical or deciduous forest a seemingly endless desert of rolling hills and valleys. The smell of diesel invades my nostrils as the dry heat of the desert suffocates the cabin of the van. We pass villages, or random houses, built of red brick and mud with dried banana fronds for roofs and open doorways. Some of the students are sleeping; heads swaying with the bump and rock of the pockmarked road. Read More