The People of MAF

The Madagascar Ankizy Fund is a small non-profit that prides itself on low overhead and personal interactions with our constituents. Our organization is made stronger by the hard work and support of many dedicated individuals.

  • David Krause image

    David Krause, PhD

    Founder and Executive Director, Madagascar Ankizy Fund

    Dave is a renowned paleontologist who has led expeditions all over the world in the search for the fossilized remains of ancient creatures. His research in Madagascar, one of the most impoverished countries in the world, led Dave to interact with the local peoples and, ultimately, to establish The Madagascar Ankizy Fund. Our mission is to build schools and provide temporary clinics for children living in remote areas of the country.

  • Paul Sypien, Chief Executive Officer

    Paul Sypien

    Chief Executive Officer, Madagascar Ankizy Fund

    Paul develops and maintains the operations of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund in concert with Dr. Krause, Pierre, and Mirindra. He reviews and reconciles the expenditures of MAF. Paul also updates donor and patient databases as well as helps manage donor relations and social media outreach. He assists in the development and execution of fund-raising events and programs to support current and future education and health care operations.

  • Mirindra Andrianalison, In-Country Technical Assistant

    Mirindra Andrianalison

    In-Country Coordinator, Madagascar Ankizy Fund

    Mirindra has worked for MAF for many years, starting originally as a translator for our yearly dental missions. He then excelled as our Technical Assistant for some time before assuming his current position. He oversees and facilitates operations in Madagascar on a day-to-day basis.

  • Larry Wynn and Hamil Willoughby, Lead Dentists

    Larry Wynn and Hamil Willoughby (L to R)

    Lead Dentists, Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine

    Larry and Hamil are the dentists from Stony Brook University's School of Dental Medicine who are responsible for leading our dental missions. They oversee the work of our dental students as well as that of dental students who join us in the field from the dental school at the Université de Mahajanga in Madagascar.