Mission of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund

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Our Mission

The goals of the Madagascar Ankizy Fund (ankizy means children in the Malagasy language) are to build schools and hold clinics in remote areas of Madagascar. We also support basic health and hygiene by providing training, digging clean water wells, distributing mosquito nets and installing latrines. The Madagascar Ankizy Fund was founded in 1998 by paleontologist Dr. David W. Krause, a professor in the Department of Anatomical Sciences at Stony Brook University. Dr. Krause, as well as various colleagues and students involved in paleontological research in Madagascar, are committed to improving the lives of Malagasy children.


- We believe that ALL children have a right to basic health care and an education
- We pride ourselves on being a low-overhead non-profit
- We have personal relationships with our donors and supporters
- We strive for excellence and transparency in all that we undertake

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Photo Caption, top: Members of our dental team with villagers in Berivotra.

Photo Caption, bottom: A young boy receives dental care in one of our temporary clinics.