About the Madagascar Ankizy Fund

Dave Krause and villager

About Us

We are a humanitarian organization that is working to help impoverished children in the northwest of Madagascar.

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Pierre Rakotoson


- We believe that ALL children have a right to basic health care and an education
- We strive for excellence and transparency in all that we undertake
- We pride ourselves on being a low-overhead non-profit
- We have personal relationships with our donors and supporters

image description

Photo caption, top: Our Founder Dr. David Krause, with a relative of the President of the Berivotra Fokontany.

Photo caption, bottom: Cornelia Seiffert, with Alec Ganci, logistician and member of the 2011 dental mission, respectively.

Photo caption, left: Our Malagasy Coordinator, Pierre Rakotoson, checking email.